EVE PLEX. What is that and how to use it.

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PLEX is 30 Day Pilot’s License Extension that allows you to extend
your game time not using credit card. You can also buy PLEX using
real money and sell it ingame for ISK. PLEX is an usual ingame item
like implants or ships. You can trade, transfer, carry and of cause
you can lose a PLEX. In many cases PLEX can be used as a good
investment for your free ISK. PLEX also can be used for character
transfer when you selling your char and character re-sculpt when you
want to change his face and body. During last couple of years CCP
even allows to buy fanfest tickets for PLEXes.

EVE Implants. Types of implants, full sets of pirate implants.

EVE Implants. Types of implants, full sets of pirate implants.

There are 2 major types of eve implants ingame: attribute enhancers
and skill hardwirings. Pirate implants combine some properties of
enhancers and hardwirings and provide very important full set effects.
For example, full set of High-Grade Crystal Implants (6 implants)
gain +3 to every char’s attribute and +53% total bonus to shield boost
amount. The only penalty found, such set does not affect capital class

Combination of proper hardwirings and full implant sets gives a
huge advantages to a pilot with a straight hands. You can install
several jump clones, so you able to have several implant sets for
different ingame activities.

EVE ships. Those precious things this game is all about

EVE ships. Those precious things this game is all about

EVE Online contains over 250 different Eve ships, from paper T1
frigates to Titan power-monsters. Narrowly focused mining barges and
multi-purposed T3 cruisers. Mega-popular Drake and Raven. You can run
them all! Of cause, you still may need isk-to-buy and time to train
all proper skills, but you have possibility to run any ship ingame if
you want to. Any Eve ship can be produced by a player. The meter is
price. And time. You need a high-sec POS to produce a T3 hulls like
Tengu and Loki. And you need nill-sec POS in a system with highest
sovereignty level possible if you want to bake a Titan or
Super-Carrier ships. So, you can run them, you can make them and of
cause you can blow them up!

EVE ISK. A Little bit of EVE economy.

EVE ISK. A Little bit of EVE economy

EVE Online economy is big, complex and player-driven in most aspects.
Economy is based on Eve Isk or Interstellar Credits. Huge amount
of ISK moves between players of Eve online. Faction ships, rare
modules or eve implants can be very, very expensive! Super-Capital
ship like Titan fitted with rare officer loot + high-skilled character
to run such a perfect baby + some good implants and the price can
easily reach 150 billion ISK and even more!

Eve Market: How to buy Eve ISK safely.

Eve Market: How to buy Eve ISK safely

If you going to get less than 1 billion ISK it is not really meter
what way of transfer you going to use. But, if you really need to get
10-50 billion ISK at once you better forget about direct ISK
transfers. You need good and trusted  EVE Market to get your EVE
gold. Get your ISK via Eve PLEX or minerals in Jita, then sell them
instantly in local market – that’s the safest way of transfer for now.
If for some reason you character can’t get to Jita (low security
status or faction warfare against Caldari State for instance) make an
alt character and dock him/her at Jita 4-4.